Sorry for the down time..

Sorry I haven’t posted in a little while, life got a little crazy very quickly so I’ve got lots to update you on!

Firstly the most exciting news is that I gave birth to my baby boy, we should have been meeting him at the end of this month (28th August) but instead he decided to come nearly six weeks early without warning! He’s absolutely beautiful and weighed a whopping 5lb 7oz! Which is an amazing weight for a 34 weeker! I’ll be back to fill you in on all about the birth in another post!

Now on to the not so good news, he spent 12 days in NICU because of his prematurity he struggled to breathe when first entering the world, luckily we have been through the NICU process before with our daughter born at 37 weeks having some problems when she was born, however she only spent 10 days in NICU and she had a lot more problems, its not an experience id wish upon anyone but the staff make the experience as pleasant as possible.

He’s now doing amazing and is a Month old! We named him Gerard after the footballer Steven Gerard, yes daddy is a Liverpool fan! I absolutely hated the name at first, I spent two years arguing against it but unfortunately he actually really suits it and I couldn’t imagine him being called anything else!

Lastly, thank you for sticking around to follow the blog! I hope you stick around for the upcoming posts!

Things you don’t know before coming a parent..

  • You use baby wipes for everything! I mean everything, they’re super handy! Spillage? Mark on the wall? Baby wipe. Make up removal? Baby wipe. No toilet roll upstairs? baby wipe. Dusty side? Dirty mirror? Baby wipe. You’ll probably have a packet in every room of the house!
  • Handbags don’t exist anymore, your handbag is your baby’s changing bag! You’ll be paying at the till rummaging through nappies, wipes, toys, juice, half opened crisp just to find your purse.
  • Silence is not a good thing anymore, it means your little one is up to something, emptying your cupboards, pouring all the dog biscuits in the dogs water bowl, tearing down all your ornaments or unfolding all that washing that you just folded!
  • Bedtime isn’t your chance to chill it becomes your bedtime too, you’re so knackered by that point that shortly after putting your little one down you’ll be tucking yourself in too!
  • Toys, everywhere but your child will want to run off with your phone or sit turning off the tv so you can’t watch that programme your so desperately trying to watch! Toys are honestly the biggest waste of money.
  • Dinner time. Mess, mess and more mess. And if you think you’re eating too, think again. By the time you can eat yours it’ll be cold and your child will still eat half despite throwing the rest of their dinner on the floor for the dog because they had enough.
  • Hair brush, what’s that? I still manage to brush my hair once or twice a day but I totally understand how some mums can go the whole day without doing so, you just don’t have time and if you do your child decides it’s the best weapon they’ve ever seen!
  • Baby’s in bed, time for a soak. Nope your bigger child; your partner is now playing up because it’s been such a hard day for them and you’ve given them no attention.
  • CLEAN CLOTHES! Don’t even bother honey, in ten minutes time that nice white jumper will be covered in orange because your child’s just eaten some wotsists (seriously these are every child’s favourite and the messiest of all)
  • You finally decide a girls night out is needed, you get your first drink down you and your absolutely mortal already because it’s probably been about two years since you last drank, now all you can think about is how your little rugrat is and texting to see if she’s okay.
  • You was that organised leading up to the birth of your child that you now have 1001 spare nappies because they’re already in the next size, it’s true they really do grow up so quickly! 
  • You go to the supermarket to buy food and come back with more baby clothes than anything else, I swear supermarkets have a constant baby clothes sale on just because they know we can’t resist it! It’s not like you can just walk past either because they grow out of them so quickly! 

    I’m sure there is plenty more I can add to this, please feel free to comment some more, I’d love to hear them! 

    Pregnancy freebies! 

    I’ve reached the 16 week mark already! Only four weeks until the gender scan and reveal, exciting!! (Feel free to comment some names by the way we’re struggling this time round!) pregnancy is so exciting and one of the thing that makes it even more exciting are the freebies so if you’re pregnant head over to the App Store and download the Bounty app, throughout the stages of your pregnancy new packs are “unlocked” for you to go and collect from your local Boots, Tesco or Argos. These packs contain millions of leaflets and freebies too! I’ve been and picked up two packs, the first being a little gift box just for mummy, so I thought I’d let you know  what came inside!

    L’Oréal clay pre-shampoo treatment sample – I’ve never actually seen this product before I’m so excited to try it out. The product claims to absorb excess oils and impurities from the roots of your hair.

    L’Oréal clay re-balancing shampoo and conditioner sample – I’ve actually used this product before and my hair felt amazing, however my extensions didn’t so from my own personal view I would only recommend this product for those with natural hair.

    75ml bottle of Umberto Giannini shampoo – again never actually heard of this product but I’m really excited to try it, those of you following my blog know how much I love my hair and hair products so any testers in the first to snap them up 🙊 and try them out!

    Palmers cocoa butter skin therapy oil – used this throughout my last pregnancy and it worked wonders, I did still end up with stretch marks but I didn’t get them until I was in actual labour so this stuff is good!!

    7ml Olay total effects featherweight moisturiser – I don’t spend a fortune on moisturisers but it would be nice to try out a more expensive product and see if it is worth the money.

    I also picked up the Mum-to-be Pack which again contained lots and lots of leaflets and some products too! 

    3x Boots newborn nappies – Again really handy, you go through so many nappies and receivibh samples from different shops helps you choose your favourite brand.
    The cutest little Sudocrem pot – this is too cute to even use, I’m pretty sure I never used my one last time but maybe I could just open and refil it for my changing bag this time! 

    A pregnacare pen – pens are always handy! 
    Knorr Spag Bol mix – Found this a little bizzarre but I love spaghetti bolognase so I’m not complaining! 
    Always Large panty liner sample – Suprisingly these come in handy because you don’t think to but these for your hospital bag, they’re needed a lot after natural birth too! 
    Okay so that’s what was in my packs this week I can’t wait to try some of them out I may come back and let you know, in the mean time throw some baby names at me I’m struggling and would love to hear suggestions!

    Sorry for my silence..

    Just a short post to apologise for not posting for a little while, I was trying to keep my pregnancy quiet so I could let it settle in but couldn’t any longer so it’s now all out in the open and I don’t have to hide it! So I’m expecting baby number two! And those of you who are parents you will know that the first 12 weeks are so tiring and draining, I’ve been spending every moment possible napping!

    It’s finally sunk in (14w3d) and we’re going to become parents to baby number two! Lylah our daughter is only one so it’s all happened a little sooner than planned but I not so secretly love the close age gap they’re going to have, me and my brother have a similar gap and we’re actually really close! (He’s the older one in age but mentality wise I am) 

    Of course I did the typical pregnancy announcement for all my Facebook friends involving our beautiful cheeky daughter (it wasn’t as easy as it looks) 200 odd photos later we had the perfect cheeky one! 

    So maybe you’ll be seeing a few pregnancy related posts, and well as my normal mum posts but I’ll be posting more often again now I’ve got past the toughest first 12 weeks! 

    Five things that make me smile!

    The world is a little dark and gloomy right now so we all need a reason to smile! Here are 5 things that make me smile!

    It’s wet, cold and miserable! I haven’t been leaving the house until I’ve really needed to! And there’s things going on around the world right now making it even more dark and gloomy. So I’m hoping that by sharing with you 5 things that make me smile it will encourage you to think of some too! (Please do post these in the comments because I do love to hear back!)

    Climbing into bed at any time of the day!

    I love my bed!! Who doesn’t? And while climbing into bed at 2 in the afternoon isn’t always possible with a one year old, I be been managing to do it at least once a day. I always use the same excuse to my partner “I’m just charging my phone for 10 minutes” and he never believes me, I wouldn’t either because he will come up an hour later and me and my little girl face stuck on a movie and fell asleep but that’s what I love most about it!!!!

    My daughter!

    My daughter is my absolute world! She’s at that cheeky age where her personality is blooming and you’re in constant laughter at her! She really makes me appreciate everything in my life.

    My daughter – Lylah

    Fresh cream cakes or donuts! 

    Whenever I think of cakes I think of my Grandma who sadly passed away last year, every Wednesday she would bring round cakes. Grandma, mum and I would sit round the kitchen table after I finished school, gossip and eat cake!! So of course they make me happy, when I’m feeling down a cake is definately on the cards!

    My best friend 

    Honestly I can’t even remember not being friends with her, but she is amazing! When I need her, she is a rock! And trust me I’m very hormonal lately so I need her a lot! I love that she needs me to, sometimes as a mother, sometimes as a girlfriend and sometimes as a friend.


    Who doesn’t love food? Chocolate when you’re feeling down, that Sunday roast feeling? Pancake day??? This was my one problem when pregnant, if I had a craving it would make me angry if I couldn’t get it, but if I did get it you would see me smiling!

    Already in February!

    It’s officially February which means I’m in my second month of blogging! Which has gone really quick! I don’t know about you but my january didn’t go too well, I planned a healthy diet which lasted about two days, a weight loss plan and ended up gaining pounds and a money saving plan which I didn’t even start thanks to my makeup obsession! So here’s to February being better!

    February for me marks 4 years with my partner, on valentines I was single and decided I would go out and drink myself silly because then I could ignore all the romantic stuff going on around me, little did I know that I would bump into my high school boyfriend and fall absolutely head over heels for him again! We just planned on being “special friends” because of the distance between us (he lived in oxford at the time) but that didn’t last long because by the end of may we was living together and have been ever since, we now have a one year old daughter and I’ll let you into a little secret, we’re adding to the family again this year too!! (Hence the gained pounds)

    What are your plans for February? I’d love to hear them!


    On Wednesday I finally graduated with a degree in Computer Information Systems! My class graduated in September but due to the arrival of my daughter my ceremony was delayed a little however I was still joined by some of my class members!

    A month before the ceremony graduating students received an email where you chose if you would like to attend the ceremony. Attending students were allocated two free tickets which has to be ordered at this time, extra tickets were released two weeks later for the cost of £15 each!

    The university didn’t give any further information until the day before the ceremony via email, explaining where to collect your gown and what time to be seated inside the beautiful cathedral where the ceremony was taking place!

    My mother, partner, daughter and I headed to the assembly rooms where we was met by my father and his wife to collect my gown, we were also persuaded into buying a few University of Lincoln bits before heading to the cathedral grounds ready for the ceremony which started at 2:30pm.

    Graduating students entered separately to family and friends at the back of the cathedral and were allocated seat numbers, luckily I was row J which meant I definately didn’t have to go up first!

    Despite there being 1000’s of guests and students the cathedral was freezing and I spent the whole time needing to pee! When I got to the stage ready to collect my degree I was so nervous and because I was focusing so much on not peeing myself it was all a blur, but I did it and I got on and off that stage as soon as possible!! I think I would have enjoyed university more if I had attendeda university somewhere outside of my home town but I don’t regret going to UOL because if I hadn’t then I wouldn’t have my partner and my little girl!

    My parents are so proud of my achievements and so proud of the fact I managed it all whilst having my daughter, but my daughter was the one person who pushed me enough to want to finish and do something for her! I can’t wait to tell her she attended my graduation and I hope that one day I will be able to attend hers and be as proud as my mum is of me.

    So sorry I had a day off posting but it was such a long day that it took it out of me!

    Becoming A Mum

    So in 2015 I found out I was going to be a mum, I wasn’t scared I wasn’t excited I was petrified! My neighbour decided we should go food shopping to calm me down, so off we go and the first isle she heads to is the baby isle (she has a baby) so we’ve been there 5 minutes and I’m already stood in the middle of isle 3 in absolute tears, asking why we need nipple pads and why there’s so many nappies, all the mums in the isle were laughing because they knew it wasn’t as bad as I was making out but it just made me more histerical!

    So I broke it to the boyfriend and booked an appointment to find out I was 9 weeks pregnant, how did I only just realise?! Weeks pass and we go for the 20 week scan, my partner chose a name Gerard and I hated it, the lady says congratulations it looks like your having a girl! I show no expression, but inside I’m ecstatic a little me! My partner on the other hand said “so we can’t call it Gerard” I was so relieved!!

    34 weeks in and we’re getting closer to the end, complications started happening and unexpected bleeding so a trip was made to the assessment centre, everything looked fine but I was suffering  with very high blood pressure, returning every few days, I ended up staying in hospital until 36+6 when I was finally induced!

    What was I scared for? The birth was easy! The contractions were nothing! And baby arrived safely weighing a tiny 4lb 11oz. The feeling of having a baby is amazing it’s the best feeling you’ll ever feel, the love you feel for a little person is incredible!

    I’ve been a mum a year now and I wouldn’t change it at all, she gives meaning to my life! Motherhood isnt all glam like us mums post in our insta photos its poo in your hair, sick at 4am and being slapped awake in the morning. And your name isnt Mum its mamamamamama mummmmmmm! And if youre like me and you have a little girl, daddy is the favourite no matter how hard you try!

    50 Random Facts About Me!

    voordingI’ve seen these posts a lot on blogs and I love them, and because my blog is new I thought it would be a chance for you to get to know more about me!

    1. I am a Gemini! Apparently were really good storytellers and writers, impatient and the way to our hearts is through our head? sounds about right
    2. I love food, I can go to bed thinking about it and wake up thinking about the same thing!
    3. I have a dog called Peanut, he is a Chug which is a Chihuahua and a Pug mixed. Unfortunately he had a rough start to life and barely made it but he has! So he’s a little smaller than usual and always has his tongue sticking out!
    4. I am the worst texter! The only person I really text is Kate my best friend and we manage to text every single day but I tend to stop half way through because I forget, its okay though she’s used to it!
    5. My partner is called Michael, we met in school and dated for a while, didn’t really work out and I ended up in another relationship until he moved away, he came back for a few weekends and we saw each other out in town, before we knew it he was moving in and here we are 4 years later. Hopefully the ring will come soon.
    6. I am a mummy to a one year old, Lylah! I call her a surprise but she has been the best surprise I’ve ever had!
    7. I am a hopeless romantic, id love to be taken to Paris and be proposed to! I have always wanted to do the padlock thing too!!
    8. I’m a typical British! I love tea, coffee, crumpets and scones! My partner says I can’t make tea well but he pours the sugar in his!
    9. I’m a waitress, it’s the most stressful job and I don’t think many people realise this. What frustrates me the most is on occasion customers talk down to you when you’re just doing a job to pay your bills.
    10. I am a Computer Information Systems graduate! I missed my graduation in September due to extenuating circumstances on some assignments from when I was having complications in hospital and giving birth to my beautiful daughter. I graduate on Wednesday!
    11. I used to work at Pizza Hut for five years, I really grew as a person there actually it gave me confidence! I love everyone I ever worked with there and remain friends with most!
    12. I love makeup, this is actually a really new obsession! But my collection is constantly building so keep an eye out for beauty related posts!
    13. I’m obsessed with my hair, I have a weave and avoid leaving the house unless my hair is curly, rarely will you see it straight! I just feel straight hair doesn’t suit me.
    14. I love my phone, rarely do I actually speak to people on it but I use social media 24/7 I am obsessed.
    15. My mum is one of my best friends, literally couldn’t live without her, every Monday we spend the day together with my daughter.
    16. I like my own company, I don’t have to be around people all the time I could literally sit in the bath for hours.
    17. I never used to like Sunday dinner, I would refuse it every single time, there’s too much on one plate, I like three things only! until I fell pregnant, now I love it but it’s still the only meal I have with more than three things on my plate.
    18. I cry at Facebook videos all the time, anything to do with babies, proposals or announcements I’m crying!
    19. I’m becoming an IT teacher.
    20. My wardrobe is Black, grey, khaki or white. Its really plain and boring but I can’t snap out of it no matter how hard I try.
    21.  My favourite holiday is Christmas! everything Christmas! I love putting up the tree, decorating the house, wrapping, sitting in front of a fire with a blanket and chocolates.
    22. I can drive, I passed when I was 17!
    23. I love singing and applied for X Factor once and got to Boot Camp but didn’t go back.
    24. I HATE feet, they are so weird and gross! Never touch my feet.
    25. My family bought a farm and it’s actually pretty cool!
    26. I’ve only ever been to one concert and it was Sugababes at the Castle in Lincoln when I was about 11, it was amazing at the time but when I think back on it now it was cold and raining, they literally turned up late, sang and left.
    27. I don’t smoke, I hate everything about it especially the smell on people’s clothes. My partner smokes though!
    28. I’ve got a big brother but most people think I’m the big sister because of the way he acts, I wouldn’t change him though!
    29. My parents split on my 13th birthday, I won’t say too much about it but I did struggle to enjoy birthdays after that.
    30. I LOVE the Irish accent, it’s so sexy.
    31. I’m really stubborn if you offer to lend me money no matter how much I actually need it my answer will be no.
    32. My nickname is Hails, I actually really like it.
    33. I love alcohol, I don’t drink too often but when I do I go all out and really suffer the next day.
    34. My favourite alcohol is Jack Daniels.
    35. I thought I was constipated when actually I was in full-blown labour.
    36. I have one tattoo, on my thigh which I got when I was 16, I like it but I don’t love it so I will be adding to it at some point.
    37. I have blue eyes.
    38. I have a scar on my chin because when I was younger I fell off some bunk bed ladders and my teeth pierced through.
    39. I’m actually really shy at first until I get comfortable with you.
    40. I hated uni, I made the mistake of going to uni in my home town and didn’t make many friends so it wasn’t very enjoyable.
    41. When I was younger my mum painted Groovy Chick on my wall and was so proud of it  she wouldn’t let me change my room for years!
    42. I have amazing skin, I mean really I was blessed! I am so thankful.
    43. I’m an average 5ft 7in.
    44. I’m always late, even when I really try.
    45. My favourite perfume is Calvin Klein Euphoria! Didn’t get it this christmas but I did get some really expensive Chanel.
    46. I love coke, especially after a really long shift! McDonalds coke is the don!
    47. I care too much about others, including those who choose not to like me.
    48. I can be quite an emotional person, I can literally cry at the oven actually once I cried because we ran out of toilet roll.. female hormones for you!
    49. I’m not actually as girly as I come across, Im quite the lad.
    50. My daughter is currently destroying my living room so I’m glad this is number 50!

    Tell me some of your facts!!

    Bits and bobs for your home!

    When you move out you become obsessed with the little bits and bobs for around your house! I moved out when I was 18 with my partner, we had a cute little house with lots of character and I made a few purchases for home accessories! We’ve now moved to a bigger home since having our baby girl and I’m now on the hunt again!

    I have my favourite shop for this and I’m pretty sure you can guess which one! Adding some character to your house doesn’t have to cost much and that’s why I always head straight to B&M! So here’s some of my findings:

    B&M Home Blocks – £1.99

    I fell in love with these blocks! They’re simple and cheap too! If you’re like me I’ve gone for a really grey and white theme around my house and these just match perfectly (If you haven’t guessed I purchased the grey ones!). I’ve bought these for my landing, it’s a small area with a tiny window but I just think the window looks really boring, and these have added that something extra to the area.

    B&M Family Photo Frame – £4.99

    I can’t stop taking photos of my daughter and love to look at photos of her so I bought this photo frame for my living room, it was available in black or white, I chose white! It’s now filled with family photos and it looks amazing!

    B&M Vintage Wicker Heart – £1.99

    I’ve done the typical girl thing and I picked up a wicker heart for my bay window, I don’t know why I just think it looks adorable and less boring. These were also available in grey and brown.

    Wilko Glass Vase – £5.00

    I picked up this vase at Wilko and I’ve ordered some real looking tulips from amazon to go in my bay window. I just loved the simple design of this vase and it’s not too big either so you can just treat yourself to a small bunch!

    Wilko Love Light Up Photo frame – £8.00

    I love this, this was a purchase for my bedside table and now has a photo of me, my partner and daughter in! This frame is available in white, grey or black from Wilko’s and is requires 3 AAA batteries.

    I’m still on the hunt and will probably let you know what else I purchase next, id love to hear about some of your purchases!