May 2017- GLOSSY BOX

Hey ladies! If you’ve been following my blog you know I recently purchased a glossybox subscription! This is now my second month as a glossy and so I thought I’d would share this months glossy box statement pieces with you again!

So every month you’re sent a little bit of card which explains the products and why they’ve been chosen this month, but this month there was a gift voucher too! This voucher is for £50 to spend on Mockberg, for those of you who haven’t yet checked them out you should! They sell beautiful watches which retail around £119-£129, so with this £50 gift card you’ve basically saved 42%!

Okay so now the products! This month most of the products are full size! BONUS! And the one that interested me the most is this Scrub Love detoxifying activated charcoal body scrub! It’s for all skin types and is used to exfoliate and absorb all the day-to-day pollutants and impurities that sit on your skin. It’s 100% natural, vegan and vegetarian-friendly! I’ve actually used this product already because my box arrived just over a week ago and my skin feels amazing! The RRP is £13.95 and it can be purchased here.

Keeping on the subject of exfoliating we also received a full size body scrubber, which perfectly compliments the charcoal scrub. It is to be used in the shower and has two sides; a soft and scratchier side perfect for those hard to smooth spots! It tells you when it needs replacing too! The label fades! RRP / £4 from here.

Dr.PAWPAW original balm is the next product, it can be used on your lips, skin or hair or even on your cheekbones for that little shine! The main use of this product is to smooth and nourish the skin, it’s completely vegan-friendly. I haven’t used his product yet but today I’ve woke up with a cold so I’m sure it’ll come handy for my lips and under the nose! RRP / £6.95 available here.

Okay so I’m not a huge fan of blush, I have rosy cheeks anyway so this product will probably just sit in my unused makeup draw but this Ruby blush is a full size sample and feels beautiful! RRP / €14.99 available here.

Finally, Caudalie vinosource moisturising sorbet** this product I have used because I’m pregnant at the moment and my skin chooses how it feels day-to-day so on those sensitive periods this gel/cream works wonders! Advised to be used morning and evening to a clean face and neck. RRP / £23 available here.

So that’s all for the box this month and again I’ve been mostly pleased with all of the products! Did you get this box too? Id love to hear your thoughts!

FIRST ever Glossybox!

I’ve been looking at glossybox for a while now and always decided against it, well I’m starting maternity leave soon and why not have a few treats come once a month!?

My first box arrived today! Usually they cost around £13 including delivery for the month to month subscription, I got my first one half price so with delivery it only cost £9! I can’t resist a bargain! You can get yourself 50% off your first box too here!

The box is super cute I don’t know if I’ll be throwing it away! When I opened it everything was packaged in tissue paper sealed with a sticker and ribbon tied with bow! Along with a welcome leaflet and their beautyNEWS leaflet which I assume will be inside each month! So what products did I get??

First item was a dual buffer and powder duo sportfx brush, I haven’t actually heard of this make before but the brush actually looks really handy and I can’t wait to use it! It’ll be ideal for on the move even though it’s quite large in size!

I was shocked to receive this second item which is a Elgon deliwash cleansing conditioner, a friend recommended I tried this because I usually have a weave fitted and find a lot of cheap drugstore shampoos and conditioners dry it out very quickly so super happy to be trying this out!! Here’s why it’s so good:

“The advanced solution to cleanse and moisturize. Paraben, sulphate, salt and artificial colorant free. Deliwash is a new stress-free way to wash hair. This is a new family of gentle products that cleanse and condition hair at the same time. This product specifically allows you to remove residues without “stripping” the hair, leaving it manageable, brilliant, with vibrant color. Hair is simply perfect to the touch and the eye.”

This product costs around £14 too! So very shocked to see this product in my £9 glossybox!

Next item was a ModelCo Contour stick, I checked out this item on their website and it retails for £17! “This handy chubby stick is ideal for achieving natural-looking contour at the cheeks, along the jawline and other areas with expert precision. Creamy, lightweight texture glides on over bare skin or foundation to seamlessly define and shape your features.” It sounds lovely to use, I only really contour for special occasions but I’m sure I’ll be testing this out before then as I don’t have many special occasions on the horizon!

Mascara! I’m one of those women that has about 20 different mascaras and uses a different one each day so I am probably more pleased about this product than any of the others!! Glamolash Mascara XXL usually retails for £24 for a full size product, we only received a sample size. It promises to be longlasting and helps achieve “supercharge volume!”

Finally hand sanitiser! As a mum I love this stuff! I became obsessed with hand sanitising when my baby girl was in the nicu unit after birth, this Merci Handy love and hand cleansing gel product smells lovely and the bottles super cute too!

Don’t forget to check out my previous post and enter the giveaway!

Dark/baggy Eye Routine and GIVEAWAY

Hi sorry it’s been a little while since my last post but pregnancy is sure taking it out of me this time round! That’s why I thought my perfect comeback post would be a review of a product I have been using, Oyster Skincare Brightening Eye Serum!

What is it?

“Oyster blends natural plant wisdom and skin-enhancing actives into sumptuous aromatic delights; a reviving antidote to our busy lifestyles” 

The serum is a unique formulation from super-smoothing Hyaluronic Acid, anti-wrinkle Pentapeptides, anti-aging Co-enzyme Q10, and Cafeisilane & Niacinamide for puffy eyes, dark under eye circles; refreshingly blended with antioxidant Green Tea & Raspberry Extracts and gently soothing cornflower. Resulting in a soothing eye gel that can help to reduce puffiness round the eye area, for a fresh morning look.

The product is natural, alcohol-free, paraben-free, not tested on animals, suitable for vegans & perfume-free (although fragranced by the essential oils). Hygienically sealed in an airless pump, the actives are protected from deterioration caused by air and light. The pump design also means that no drop is wasted.

What did I think?

As a busy mum I wake up with dark puffy eyes and friends constantly say “you look knackered” I actually have an angel child, it’s this second child I’m growing that’s exhausting me so much! Can’t wait to meet him now I can already tell he’s going to be a devil child but I’m so excited! Anyway back to what I think; I tested this product for a whole month because being pregnant my skin is so different from day to day. I used a tiny bit of this product morning and night dabbing it under my eye and brow bone, in the morning I do this as soon as I wake up and then go on to do my morning chores; getting the daughter out of bed, breakfast and cuppa before applying my makeup (which applies perfectly once serum is absorbed). I was highly satisfied with this product in fact I don’t think those words praise it enough because I absolutely love love love it and will definately be purchasing some more when it runs out! I may even buy my mum one too because she keeps pointing out the difference! I used to get so frustrated at my dark circles that I would pile the makeup on until I was happy and layers and layers of makeup is never good for the skin! Not only that i’ve saved myself some money too because I purchased so many different brightening concealers weekly to try cover this problem and without success.

AND this post gets even better because you have the chance to win your very own sample, you can enter below!

However if you can’t wait this product is available in a 30ml bottle on amazon for £14.99 (can’t go wrong!) it’ll last ages! So definately worth the buy!



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Favourite Makeup Revolution Palette’s

img_1507-2I’m a huge fan of makeup revolution and especially because of their palette’s and their amazing drugstore price! If you’re not wanting to spend a lot on everyday makeup then this brand is perfect!

Makeup Revolution Highlighter palette Highlight – this is my absolute favourite, mostly because I’m lazy and I hate having to switch highlighters! With three colours you have the perfect highlight for your whole face! It comes at an amazing price too retailing at £8. It just looks absolutely beautiful when first opening too!

Makeup Revolution Blush Palette Golden Sugar – I use this palette religiously everyday! Although I will say I only really use the right hand of the palette because the first ones are more blush. Also retailing at £8!

Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Shade Palette Flawless Matte – Personally I think this palette is perfect for everyday looks and the pigments are really good in it too! Again retailing at £8, unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of this one!

Black Mask!

So I’m one of these girls who always looks for reviews on products before trying them myself! And on Facebook I’m part of a group called Dolly&Co. Beauty Lounge where everything beauty related is discussed by all its members (I highly recommend joining, only if you have money though because I’ve spent sooooooooo much on makeup since joining!) and this is a product that has been discussed a lot! So it was time to try it out myself!

img_1398-1The product cost £3.99 and arrived within two days from amazon, the product description says “deep cleansing peel off mask removes dulling surface cells and impurities while vitamins and plant extract soften the skin to restore youthful glow” so hopefully it removes all of my blackheads! The directions say to leave the product on for 20-30 minutes.

So there was some selfies involved (of course) my partner doesn’t know about his as he fell asleep so maybe we could keep that one quiet! I did my mask first and found that I didn’t quite apply it as thick as I should have, so second time round on my partner we knew to use more product!

Here was the results of my mask, as you can see all the white dots are where the mask has taken away all my blackheads, I didn’t know there was quite so many! I didn’t get a photo of my partners mask after but he is obsessed now! I’ve had to purchase another because he won’t stop using it!

Applying False Eyelashes

I only started wearing false lashes last year, because I have the tendency to pick my mascara from my eyelashes which actually pulls out a lot of my lashes too! I couldn’t apply falsies at all but that’s because I didn’t know the right tricks and I was buying cheap tacky eyelashes too! So here are my tricks for you:

Eyelashes – I don’t spend a fortune on lashes anymore, I used to head to Superdrug to buy a pair for £6 and try make them last a week because of the price! Now I buy these from eBay for £1.99! They come on like a piece of string which sounds off putting but is so comfortable!! And you get 10 pairs too!

Glue – unfortunately due to the amazing price I pay for my eyelashes, glue isn’t included. I buy the clear finish eyelure glue from Superdrug for the 6ml it’s £2.75!

Tweezers – I don’t think anyone should need to go out and buy a pair of these as most of us own them already! These babies make applying the lashes so much easier! Start by cutting down your lashes to the correct size, applying glue and pick up upside down with your tweezers, waft the eyelash around a little to make the glue more tacky than wet and place on eye! Now using the flat sides of your tweezers pat the eyelash down along your eyelash line and leave to dry!

Here’s how mine turned out, I used a thin line of eyeliner before and applied lashes without adding mascara for an everyday look! (Sorry for the bad selfie I used my iPhone front camera!)

Hair Routines!

Today I got new hair so I thought I would share my hair routines with you!

Unfortunately I’m not blessed with thick luscious locks, instead I was given thin short hair that just doesn’t grow! (Unless I’m pregnant, then hairs everywhere!) so this week I decided it was time to get my beloved weave back! And I must say it feels amazing already! (It’s been two hours)

I use double weft human hair from Crowning Glory and I try to keep it for as long as possible so I have many hair routines to keep it in the best condition possible, I do the same routines without extensions too! I’m no hair expert but these are the tricks that have worked for me!

Argan oil – I buy this from primark, I think it’s £3 for a small tube, I spread this tube between four uses a month, so once a week I’ll lather my hair in argan oil and leave it for a few hours, but obviously you can’t leave the house because your hair will just look so greasy! Then I’ll go and wash it off, I would advise to wash twice though! This just restores some moisture in your hair again and it will feel lovely!

John Freda Frizz Ease Anti-Frizz Primer – this product is to be used on damp hair and I use this every time my hair is washed, you apply one squirt just before blow drying your hair!

John Freda Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery – this can be used on wet or dry hair but because I use the other product on my wet hair I use this on dry hair, I was my hair every other day, so on the day my hair is not washed I use this product when styling! It just keeps it feeling fresh and smooth!

If you try out my tricks please let me know what you think? And if you have any to share please comment below!

5 of my Beauty Favourites at the moment!

16105952_10154965422453385_7498093589137760283_nI thought for my first post I’d share with you guys beauty products I’m loving most at the moment. These are products that I have found myself using lots recently, some are new to my make-up bag whilst others are trusty products that I’m revisiting. I’d love to hear what you’re loving at the moment, so let me know in the comments below.

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation – I’ve heard a lot about this foundation and being the girl that I am I watched so many video’s checking it our before heading out to purchase it myself! So its January sales and me and my partner thought we would hit the January sales at Meadowhall in Sheffield! (because I love it there!) funnily enough we didn’t actually buy ANYTHING in the sales and this was one of my purchases! I was matched up by a lovely gentleman in store and he was super helpful! I prefer to go a little warmer with my foundation just because I try to keep up with my tan so I’m not always so pale, he was really understanding, as he likes to go warmer himself too! So we did the whole taking my makeup off my jaw line and trying on the new colour and he matched me perfectly first time! I’ve been using it a week now and it feels beautiful! it’s not cake and it’s really light but has AMAZING coverage! This is hard to find! (especially if you work in a busy hot restaurant like me)

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray – I have always used makeup revolutions setting spray religiously! Until now! I’ve tried my foundation with my old setting spray and with this new setting spray and can honestly say there is a big difference! It costs £9 which is only £4 more than the Makeup Revolution one I used previously!

Makeup Revolution Contour Stick – For christmas I bought myself the Makeup Revolution 12 Days of Christmas and this item was one of the 12, I’m not going to lie I don’t contour often so I havent used many products for this so I don’t have a lot to compare to! But, I do really like this stick! mostly for the darker side it blends really nicely too, the lighter side isn’t so good!

E.l.f Brightening Concealer – I don’t know if you’ve seen but over the december period e.l.f did a lot of 50% off sales, so I made a few purchases! (as any girl would) This item has really shocked me because I didn’t expect to like it, but it is perfect for its use! It applies really easy with a nice soft brush and sits really well too!

E.l.f Bronzer – Finally, this bronzer is beautiful and so perfect if you have a special occasion or if your going out for drinks it has a little sparkle to it too! I don’t use it for everyday but it is most definitely one of my favourite sale purchases!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these items and would love to hear some suggestions on products i should try next, so please leave some comments below!