Sorry for the down time..

Sorry I haven’t posted in a little while, life got a little crazy very quickly so I’ve got lots to update you on!

Firstly the most exciting news is that I gave birth to my baby boy, we should have been meeting him at the end of this month (28th August) but instead he decided to come nearly six weeks early without warning! He’s absolutely beautiful and weighed a whopping 5lb 7oz! Which is an amazing weight for a 34 weeker! I’ll be back to fill you in on all about the birth in another post!

Now on to the not so good news, he spent 12 days in NICU because of his prematurity he struggled to breathe when first entering the world, luckily we have been through the NICU process before with our daughter born at 37 weeks having some problems when she was born, however she only spent 10 days in NICU and she had a lot more problems, its not an experience id wish upon anyone but the staff make the experience as pleasant as possible.

He’s now doing amazing and is a Month old! We named him Gerard after the footballer Steven Gerard, yes daddy is a Liverpool fan! I absolutely hated the name at first, I spent two years arguing against it but unfortunately he actually really suits it and I couldn’t imagine him being called anything else!

Lastly, thank you for sticking around to follow the blog! I hope you stick around for the upcoming posts!

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