Things you don’t know before coming a parent..

  • You use baby wipes for everything! I mean everything, they’re super handy! Spillage? Mark on the wall? Baby wipe. Make up removal? Baby wipe. No toilet roll upstairs? baby wipe. Dusty side? Dirty mirror? Baby wipe. You’ll probably have a packet in every room of the house!
  • Handbags don’t exist anymore, your handbag is your baby’s changing bag! You’ll be paying at the till rummaging through nappies, wipes, toys, juice, half opened crisp just to find your purse.
  • Silence is not a good thing anymore, it means your little one is up to something, emptying your cupboards, pouring all the dog biscuits in the dogs water bowl, tearing down all your ornaments or unfolding all that washing that you just folded!
  • Bedtime isn’t your chance to chill it becomes your bedtime too, you’re so knackered by that point that shortly after putting your little one down you’ll be tucking yourself in too!
  • Toys, everywhere but your child will want to run off with your phone or sit turning off the tv so you can’t watch that programme your so desperately trying to watch! Toys are honestly the biggest waste of money.
  • Dinner time. Mess, mess and more mess. And if you think you’re eating too, think again. By the time you can eat yours it’ll be cold and your child will still eat half despite throwing the rest of their dinner on the floor for the dog because they had enough.
  • Hair brush, what’s that? I still manage to brush my hair once or twice a day but I totally understand how some mums can go the whole day without doing so, you just don’t have time and if you do your child decides it’s the best weapon they’ve ever seen!
  • Baby’s in bed, time for a soak. Nope your bigger child; your partner is now playing up because it’s been such a hard day for them and you’ve given them no attention.
  • CLEAN CLOTHES! Don’t even bother honey, in ten minutes time that nice white jumper will be covered in orange because your child’s just eaten some wotsists (seriously these are every child’s favourite and the messiest of all)
  • You finally decide a girls night out is needed, you get your first drink down you and your absolutely mortal already because it’s probably been about two years since you last drank, now all you can think about is how your little rugrat is and texting to see if she’s okay.
  • You was that organised leading up to the birth of your child that you now have 1001 spare nappies because they’re already in the next size, it’s true they really do grow up so quickly! 
  • You go to the supermarket to buy food and come back with more baby clothes than anything else, I swear supermarkets have a constant baby clothes sale on just because they know we can’t resist it! It’s not like you can just walk past either because they grow out of them so quickly! 

    I’m sure there is plenty more I can add to this, please feel free to comment some more, I’d love to hear them! 

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