Dark/baggy Eye Routine and GIVEAWAY

Hi sorry it’s been a little while since my last post but pregnancy is sure taking it out of me this time round! That’s why I thought my perfect comeback post would be a review of a product I have been using, Oyster Skincare Brightening Eye Serum!

What is it?

“Oyster blends natural plant wisdom and skin-enhancing actives into sumptuous aromatic delights; a reviving antidote to our busy lifestyles” 

The serum is a unique formulation from super-smoothing Hyaluronic Acid, anti-wrinkle Pentapeptides, anti-aging Co-enzyme Q10, and Cafeisilane & Niacinamide for puffy eyes, dark under eye circles; refreshingly blended with antioxidant Green Tea & Raspberry Extracts and gently soothing cornflower. Resulting in a soothing eye gel that can help to reduce puffiness round the eye area, for a fresh morning look.

The product is natural, alcohol-free, paraben-free, not tested on animals, suitable for vegans & perfume-free (although fragranced by the essential oils). Hygienically sealed in an airless pump, the actives are protected from deterioration caused by air and light. The pump design also means that no drop is wasted.

What did I think?

As a busy mum I wake up with dark puffy eyes and friends constantly say “you look knackered” I actually have an angel child, it’s this second child I’m growing that’s exhausting me so much! Can’t wait to meet him now I can already tell he’s going to be a devil child but I’m so excited! Anyway back to what I think; I tested this product for a whole month because being pregnant my skin is so different from day to day. I used a tiny bit of this product morning and night dabbing it under my eye and brow bone, in the morning I do this as soon as I wake up and then go on to do my morning chores; getting the daughter out of bed, breakfast and cuppa before applying my makeup (which applies perfectly once serum is absorbed). I was highly satisfied with this product in fact I don’t think those words praise it enough because I absolutely love love love it and will definately be purchasing some more when it runs out! I may even buy my mum one too because she keeps pointing out the difference! I used to get so frustrated at my dark circles that I would pile the makeup on until I was happy and layers and layers of makeup is never good for the skin! Not only that i’ve saved myself some money too because I purchased so many different brightening concealers weekly to try cover this problem and without success.

AND this post gets even better because you have the chance to win your very own sample, you can enter below!

However if you can’t wait this product is available in a 30ml bottle on amazon for £14.99 (can’t go wrong!) it’ll last ages! So definately worth the buy!



Win A Bottle Of Brightening Eye Serum By Oyster #21

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