Pregnancy freebies! 

I’ve reached the 16 week mark already! Only four weeks until the gender scan and reveal, exciting!! (Feel free to comment some names by the way we’re struggling this time round!) pregnancy is so exciting and one of the thing that makes it even more exciting are the freebies so if you’re pregnant head over to the App Store and download the Bounty app, throughout the stages of your pregnancy new packs are “unlocked” for you to go and collect from your local Boots, Tesco or Argos. These packs contain millions of leaflets and freebies too! I’ve been and picked up two packs, the first being a little gift box just for mummy, so I thought I’d let you know  what came inside!

L’Oréal clay pre-shampoo treatment sample – I’ve never actually seen this product before I’m so excited to try it out. The product claims to absorb excess oils and impurities from the roots of your hair.

L’Oréal clay re-balancing shampoo and conditioner sample – I’ve actually used this product before and my hair felt amazing, however my extensions didn’t so from my own personal view I would only recommend this product for those with natural hair.

75ml bottle of Umberto Giannini shampoo – again never actually heard of this product but I’m really excited to try it, those of you following my blog know how much I love my hair and hair products so any testers in the first to snap them up 🙊 and try them out!

Palmers cocoa butter skin therapy oil – used this throughout my last pregnancy and it worked wonders, I did still end up with stretch marks but I didn’t get them until I was in actual labour so this stuff is good!!

7ml Olay total effects featherweight moisturiser – I don’t spend a fortune on moisturisers but it would be nice to try out a more expensive product and see if it is worth the money.

I also picked up the Mum-to-be Pack which again contained lots and lots of leaflets and some products too! 

3x Boots newborn nappies – Again really handy, you go through so many nappies and receivibh samples from different shops helps you choose your favourite brand.
The cutest little Sudocrem pot – this is too cute to even use, I’m pretty sure I never used my one last time but maybe I could just open and refil it for my changing bag this time! 

A pregnacare pen – pens are always handy! 
Knorr Spag Bol mix – Found this a little bizzarre but I love spaghetti bolognase so I’m not complaining! 
Always Large panty liner sample – Suprisingly these come in handy because you don’t think to but these for your hospital bag, they’re needed a lot after natural birth too! 
Okay so that’s what was in my packs this week I can’t wait to try some of them out I may come back and let you know, in the mean time throw some baby names at me I’m struggling and would love to hear suggestions!

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