Sorry for my silence..

Just a short post to apologise for not posting for a little while, I was trying to keep my pregnancy quiet so I could let it settle in but couldn’t any longer so it’s now all out in the open and I don’t have to hide it! So I’m expecting baby number two! And those of you who are parents you will know that the first 12 weeks are so tiring and draining, I’ve been spending every moment possible napping!

It’s finally sunk in (14w3d) and we’re going to become parents to baby number two! Lylah our daughter is only one so it’s all happened a little sooner than planned but I not so secretly love the close age gap they’re going to have, me and my brother have a similar gap and we’re actually really close! (He’s the older one in age but mentality wise I am) 

Of course I did the typical pregnancy announcement for all my Facebook friends involving our beautiful cheeky daughter (it wasn’t as easy as it looks) 200 odd photos later we had the perfect cheeky one! 

So maybe you’ll be seeing a few pregnancy related posts, and well as my normal mum posts but I’ll be posting more often again now I’ve got past the toughest first 12 weeks! 

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