Five things that make me smile!

The world is a little dark and gloomy right now so we all need a reason to smile! Here are 5 things that make me smile!

It’s wet, cold and miserable! I haven’t been leaving the house until I’ve really needed to! And there’s things going on around the world right now making it even more dark and gloomy. So I’m hoping that by sharing with you 5 things that make me smile it will encourage you to think of some too! (Please do post these in the comments because I do love to hear back!)

Climbing into bed at any time of the day!

I love my bed!! Who doesn’t? And while climbing into bed at 2 in the afternoon isn’t always possible with a one year old, I be been managing to do it at least once a day. I always use the same excuse to my partner “I’m just charging my phone for 10 minutes” and he never believes me, I wouldn’t either because he will come up an hour later and me and my little girl face stuck on a movie and fell asleep but that’s what I love most about it!!!!

My daughter!

My daughter is my absolute world! She’s at that cheeky age where her personality is blooming and you’re in constant laughter at her! She really makes me appreciate everything in my life.

My daughter – Lylah

Fresh cream cakes or donuts! 

Whenever I think of cakes I think of my Grandma who sadly passed away last year, every Wednesday she would bring round cakes. Grandma, mum and I would sit round the kitchen table after I finished school, gossip and eat cake!! So of course they make me happy, when I’m feeling down a cake is definately on the cards!

My best friend 

Honestly I can’t even remember not being friends with her, but she is amazing! When I need her, she is a rock! And trust me I’m very hormonal lately so I need her a lot! I love that she needs me to, sometimes as a mother, sometimes as a girlfriend and sometimes as a friend.


Who doesn’t love food? Chocolate when you’re feeling down, that Sunday roast feeling? Pancake day??? This was my one problem when pregnant, if I had a craving it would make me angry if I couldn’t get it, but if I did get it you would see me smiling!

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