Beauty Radar!


I curl my hair everyday and so curlers are always on my radar, I swear by using my GHD straighteners to create my curls so I have been eyeing up this curler for a while now! I’ve been watching YouTube videos and reading reviews and the temptation is huge! At the moment all gift sets have £20 off costing only £100 (if only I wasn’t saving for a new car)
Billion Dollar Brows, Mad About Brows palette

This palette is £29 on Look Fantastic, I believe it’s a new item on their website but it’s something I just need! You can fill, shape and define your brows all in one go, and I’m all for compactness. 

Hairapeutix Hair Masks

I am obsessed with my hair, mostly because I have a weave! I have strict routines to keep my hair lasting as long as possible, because weaves are not cheap! Recently I came across Hairapeutix which is a hair mask that uses natural oils, designed for hair extensions to help prevent dryness and add shine. Available in 2 sizes, Ultra and Mini, their silicone, paraben and chemical-free treatment is perfect for all hair types. The mini pack costs £5.99 for two masks, or the ultra pack costs £18.99 for 8 masks, I’ll be purchasing on payday so I’ll do a little review because my hair is in need of a little pamper!

Too Faced Sweet Peach eye palette!

Been hinting for valentines but we’ve planned not to waste money on presents, instead we’re just going to enjoy each other’s company! However I’m actually really disappointed because I’m too skint to buy the palette at the moment and I’m completely in love! 18 shades of peachy pinks! Perfect for creating that everyday look, definitely will be purchasing something soon! Retailing for £39.

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