Sorry for the down time..

Sorry I haven’t posted in a little while, life got a little crazy very quickly so I’ve got lots to update you on!

Firstly the most exciting news is that I gave birth to my baby boy, we should have been meeting him at the end of this month (28th August) but instead he decided to come nearly six weeks early without warning! He’s absolutely beautiful and weighed a whopping 5lb 7oz! Which is an amazing weight for a 34 weeker! I’ll be back to fill you in on all about the birth in another post!

Now on to the not so good news, he spent 12 days in NICU because of his prematurity he struggled to breathe when first entering the world, luckily we have been through the NICU process before with our daughter born at 37 weeks having some problems when she was born, however she only spent 10 days in NICU and she had a lot more problems, its not an experience id wish upon anyone but the staff make the experience as pleasant as possible.

He’s now doing amazing and is a Month old! We named him Gerard after the footballer Steven Gerard, yes daddy is a Liverpool fan! I absolutely hated the name at first, I spent two years arguing against it but unfortunately he actually really suits it and I couldn’t imagine him being called anything else!

Lastly, thank you for sticking around to follow the blog! I hope you stick around for the upcoming posts!

May 2017- GLOSSY BOX

Hey ladies! If you’ve been following my blog you know I recently purchased a glossybox subscription! This is now my second month as a glossy and so I thought I’d would share this months glossy box statement pieces with you again!

So every month you’re sent a little bit of card which explains the products and why they’ve been chosen this month, but this month there was a gift voucher too! This voucher is for £50 to spend on Mockberg, for those of you who haven’t yet checked them out you should! They sell beautiful watches which retail around £119-£129, so with this £50 gift card you’ve basically saved 42%!

Okay so now the products! This month most of the products are full size! BONUS! And the one that interested me the most is this Scrub Love detoxifying activated charcoal body scrub! It’s for all skin types and is used to exfoliate and absorb all the day-to-day pollutants and impurities that sit on your skin. It’s 100% natural, vegan and vegetarian-friendly! I’ve actually used this product already because my box arrived just over a week ago and my skin feels amazing! The RRP is £13.95 and it can be purchased here.

Keeping on the subject of exfoliating we also received a full size body scrubber, which perfectly compliments the charcoal scrub. It is to be used in the shower and has two sides; a soft and scratchier side perfect for those hard to smooth spots! It tells you when it needs replacing too! The label fades! RRP / £4 from here.

Dr.PAWPAW original balm is the next product, it can be used on your lips, skin or hair or even on your cheekbones for that little shine! The main use of this product is to smooth and nourish the skin, it’s completely vegan-friendly. I haven’t used his product yet but today I’ve woke up with a cold so I’m sure it’ll come handy for my lips and under the nose! RRP / £6.95 available here.

Okay so I’m not a huge fan of blush, I have rosy cheeks anyway so this product will probably just sit in my unused makeup draw but this Ruby blush is a full size sample and feels beautiful! RRP / €14.99 available here.

Finally, Caudalie vinosource moisturising sorbet** this product I have used because I’m pregnant at the moment and my skin chooses how it feels day-to-day so on those sensitive periods this gel/cream works wonders! Advised to be used morning and evening to a clean face and neck. RRP / £23 available here.

So that’s all for the box this month and again I’ve been mostly pleased with all of the products! Did you get this box too? Id love to hear your thoughts!

Things you don’t know before coming a parent..

  • You use baby wipes for everything! I mean everything, they’re super handy! Spillage? Mark on the wall? Baby wipe. Make up removal? Baby wipe. No toilet roll upstairs? baby wipe. Dusty side? Dirty mirror? Baby wipe. You’ll probably have a packet in every room of the house!
  • Handbags don’t exist anymore, your handbag is your baby’s changing bag! You’ll be paying at the till rummaging through nappies, wipes, toys, juice, half opened crisp just to find your purse.
  • Silence is not a good thing anymore, it means your little one is up to something, emptying your cupboards, pouring all the dog biscuits in the dogs water bowl, tearing down all your ornaments or unfolding all that washing that you just folded!
  • Bedtime isn’t your chance to chill it becomes your bedtime too, you’re so knackered by that point that shortly after putting your little one down you’ll be tucking yourself in too!
  • Toys, everywhere but your child will want to run off with your phone or sit turning off the tv so you can’t watch that programme your so desperately trying to watch! Toys are honestly the biggest waste of money.
  • Dinner time. Mess, mess and more mess. And if you think you’re eating too, think again. By the time you can eat yours it’ll be cold and your child will still eat half despite throwing the rest of their dinner on the floor for the dog because they had enough.
  • Hair brush, what’s that? I still manage to brush my hair once or twice a day but I totally understand how some mums can go the whole day without doing so, you just don’t have time and if you do your child decides it’s the best weapon they’ve ever seen!
  • Baby’s in bed, time for a soak. Nope your bigger child; your partner is now playing up because it’s been such a hard day for them and you’ve given them no attention.
  • CLEAN CLOTHES! Don’t even bother honey, in ten minutes time that nice white jumper will be covered in orange because your child’s just eaten some wotsists (seriously these are every child’s favourite and the messiest of all)
  • You finally decide a girls night out is needed, you get your first drink down you and your absolutely mortal already because it’s probably been about two years since you last drank, now all you can think about is how your little rugrat is and texting to see if she’s okay.
  • You was that organised leading up to the birth of your child that you now have 1001 spare nappies because they’re already in the next size, it’s true they really do grow up so quickly! 
  • You go to the supermarket to buy food and come back with more baby clothes than anything else, I swear supermarkets have a constant baby clothes sale on just because they know we can’t resist it! It’s not like you can just walk past either because they grow out of them so quickly! 

    I’m sure there is plenty more I can add to this, please feel free to comment some more, I’d love to hear them! 

    FIRST ever Glossybox!

    I’ve been looking at glossybox for a while now and always decided against it, well I’m starting maternity leave soon and why not have a few treats come once a month!?

    My first box arrived today! Usually they cost around £13 including delivery for the month to month subscription, I got my first one half price so with delivery it only cost £9! I can’t resist a bargain! You can get yourself 50% off your first box too here!

    The box is super cute I don’t know if I’ll be throwing it away! When I opened it everything was packaged in tissue paper sealed with a sticker and ribbon tied with bow! Along with a welcome leaflet and their beautyNEWS leaflet which I assume will be inside each month! So what products did I get??

    First item was a dual buffer and powder duo sportfx brush, I haven’t actually heard of this make before but the brush actually looks really handy and I can’t wait to use it! It’ll be ideal for on the move even though it’s quite large in size!

    I was shocked to receive this second item which is a Elgon deliwash cleansing conditioner, a friend recommended I tried this because I usually have a weave fitted and find a lot of cheap drugstore shampoos and conditioners dry it out very quickly so super happy to be trying this out!! Here’s why it’s so good:

    “The advanced solution to cleanse and moisturize. Paraben, sulphate, salt and artificial colorant free. Deliwash is a new stress-free way to wash hair. This is a new family of gentle products that cleanse and condition hair at the same time. This product specifically allows you to remove residues without “stripping” the hair, leaving it manageable, brilliant, with vibrant color. Hair is simply perfect to the touch and the eye.”

    This product costs around £14 too! So very shocked to see this product in my £9 glossybox!

    Next item was a ModelCo Contour stick, I checked out this item on their website and it retails for £17! “This handy chubby stick is ideal for achieving natural-looking contour at the cheeks, along the jawline and other areas with expert precision. Creamy, lightweight texture glides on over bare skin or foundation to seamlessly define and shape your features.” It sounds lovely to use, I only really contour for special occasions but I’m sure I’ll be testing this out before then as I don’t have many special occasions on the horizon!

    Mascara! I’m one of those women that has about 20 different mascaras and uses a different one each day so I am probably more pleased about this product than any of the others!! Glamolash Mascara XXL usually retails for £24 for a full size product, we only received a sample size. It promises to be longlasting and helps achieve “supercharge volume!”

    Finally hand sanitiser! As a mum I love this stuff! I became obsessed with hand sanitising when my baby girl was in the nicu unit after birth, this Merci Handy love and hand cleansing gel product smells lovely and the bottles super cute too!

    Don’t forget to check out my previous post and enter the giveaway!

    Dark/baggy Eye Routine and GIVEAWAY

    Hi sorry it’s been a little while since my last post but pregnancy is sure taking it out of me this time round! That’s why I thought my perfect comeback post would be a review of a product I have been using, Oyster Skincare Brightening Eye Serum!

    What is it?

    “Oyster blends natural plant wisdom and skin-enhancing actives into sumptuous aromatic delights; a reviving antidote to our busy lifestyles” 

    The serum is a unique formulation from super-smoothing Hyaluronic Acid, anti-wrinkle Pentapeptides, anti-aging Co-enzyme Q10, and Cafeisilane & Niacinamide for puffy eyes, dark under eye circles; refreshingly blended with antioxidant Green Tea & Raspberry Extracts and gently soothing cornflower. Resulting in a soothing eye gel that can help to reduce puffiness round the eye area, for a fresh morning look.

    The product is natural, alcohol-free, paraben-free, not tested on animals, suitable for vegans & perfume-free (although fragranced by the essential oils). Hygienically sealed in an airless pump, the actives are protected from deterioration caused by air and light. The pump design also means that no drop is wasted.

    What did I think?

    As a busy mum I wake up with dark puffy eyes and friends constantly say “you look knackered” I actually have an angel child, it’s this second child I’m growing that’s exhausting me so much! Can’t wait to meet him now I can already tell he’s going to be a devil child but I’m so excited! Anyway back to what I think; I tested this product for a whole month because being pregnant my skin is so different from day to day. I used a tiny bit of this product morning and night dabbing it under my eye and brow bone, in the morning I do this as soon as I wake up and then go on to do my morning chores; getting the daughter out of bed, breakfast and cuppa before applying my makeup (which applies perfectly once serum is absorbed). I was highly satisfied with this product in fact I don’t think those words praise it enough because I absolutely love love love it and will definately be purchasing some more when it runs out! I may even buy my mum one too because she keeps pointing out the difference! I used to get so frustrated at my dark circles that I would pile the makeup on until I was happy and layers and layers of makeup is never good for the skin! Not only that i’ve saved myself some money too because I purchased so many different brightening concealers weekly to try cover this problem and without success.

    AND this post gets even better because you have the chance to win your very own sample, you can enter below!

    However if you can’t wait this product is available in a 30ml bottle on amazon for £14.99 (can’t go wrong!) it’ll last ages! So definately worth the buy!



    Win A Bottle Of Brightening Eye Serum By Oyster #21

    Pregnancy freebies! 

    I’ve reached the 16 week mark already! Only four weeks until the gender scan and reveal, exciting!! (Feel free to comment some names by the way we’re struggling this time round!) pregnancy is so exciting and one of the thing that makes it even more exciting are the freebies so if you’re pregnant head over to the App Store and download the Bounty app, throughout the stages of your pregnancy new packs are “unlocked” for you to go and collect from your local Boots, Tesco or Argos. These packs contain millions of leaflets and freebies too! I’ve been and picked up two packs, the first being a little gift box just for mummy, so I thought I’d let you know  what came inside!

    L’Oréal clay pre-shampoo treatment sample – I’ve never actually seen this product before I’m so excited to try it out. The product claims to absorb excess oils and impurities from the roots of your hair.

    L’Oréal clay re-balancing shampoo and conditioner sample – I’ve actually used this product before and my hair felt amazing, however my extensions didn’t so from my own personal view I would only recommend this product for those with natural hair.

    75ml bottle of Umberto Giannini shampoo – again never actually heard of this product but I’m really excited to try it, those of you following my blog know how much I love my hair and hair products so any testers in the first to snap them up 🙊 and try them out!

    Palmers cocoa butter skin therapy oil – used this throughout my last pregnancy and it worked wonders, I did still end up with stretch marks but I didn’t get them until I was in actual labour so this stuff is good!!

    7ml Olay total effects featherweight moisturiser – I don’t spend a fortune on moisturisers but it would be nice to try out a more expensive product and see if it is worth the money.

    I also picked up the Mum-to-be Pack which again contained lots and lots of leaflets and some products too! 

    3x Boots newborn nappies – Again really handy, you go through so many nappies and receivibh samples from different shops helps you choose your favourite brand.
    The cutest little Sudocrem pot – this is too cute to even use, I’m pretty sure I never used my one last time but maybe I could just open and refil it for my changing bag this time! 

    A pregnacare pen – pens are always handy! 
    Knorr Spag Bol mix – Found this a little bizzarre but I love spaghetti bolognase so I’m not complaining! 
    Always Large panty liner sample – Suprisingly these come in handy because you don’t think to but these for your hospital bag, they’re needed a lot after natural birth too! 
    Okay so that’s what was in my packs this week I can’t wait to try some of them out I may come back and let you know, in the mean time throw some baby names at me I’m struggling and would love to hear suggestions!

    Sorry for my silence..

    Just a short post to apologise for not posting for a little while, I was trying to keep my pregnancy quiet so I could let it settle in but couldn’t any longer so it’s now all out in the open and I don’t have to hide it! So I’m expecting baby number two! And those of you who are parents you will know that the first 12 weeks are so tiring and draining, I’ve been spending every moment possible napping!

    It’s finally sunk in (14w3d) and we’re going to become parents to baby number two! Lylah our daughter is only one so it’s all happened a little sooner than planned but I not so secretly love the close age gap they’re going to have, me and my brother have a similar gap and we’re actually really close! (He’s the older one in age but mentality wise I am) 

    Of course I did the typical pregnancy announcement for all my Facebook friends involving our beautiful cheeky daughter (it wasn’t as easy as it looks) 200 odd photos later we had the perfect cheeky one! 

    So maybe you’ll be seeing a few pregnancy related posts, and well as my normal mum posts but I’ll be posting more often again now I’ve got past the toughest first 12 weeks! 

    Five things that make me smile!

    The world is a little dark and gloomy right now so we all need a reason to smile! Here are 5 things that make me smile!

    It’s wet, cold and miserable! I haven’t been leaving the house until I’ve really needed to! And there’s things going on around the world right now making it even more dark and gloomy. So I’m hoping that by sharing with you 5 things that make me smile it will encourage you to think of some too! (Please do post these in the comments because I do love to hear back!)

    Climbing into bed at any time of the day!

    I love my bed!! Who doesn’t? And while climbing into bed at 2 in the afternoon isn’t always possible with a one year old, I be been managing to do it at least once a day. I always use the same excuse to my partner “I’m just charging my phone for 10 minutes” and he never believes me, I wouldn’t either because he will come up an hour later and me and my little girl face stuck on a movie and fell asleep but that’s what I love most about it!!!!

    My daughter!

    My daughter is my absolute world! She’s at that cheeky age where her personality is blooming and you’re in constant laughter at her! She really makes me appreciate everything in my life.

    My daughter – Lylah

    Fresh cream cakes or donuts! 

    Whenever I think of cakes I think of my Grandma who sadly passed away last year, every Wednesday she would bring round cakes. Grandma, mum and I would sit round the kitchen table after I finished school, gossip and eat cake!! So of course they make me happy, when I’m feeling down a cake is definately on the cards!

    My best friend 

    Honestly I can’t even remember not being friends with her, but she is amazing! When I need her, she is a rock! And trust me I’m very hormonal lately so I need her a lot! I love that she needs me to, sometimes as a mother, sometimes as a girlfriend and sometimes as a friend.


    Who doesn’t love food? Chocolate when you’re feeling down, that Sunday roast feeling? Pancake day??? This was my one problem when pregnant, if I had a craving it would make me angry if I couldn’t get it, but if I did get it you would see me smiling!

    Beauty Radar!


    I curl my hair everyday and so curlers are always on my radar, I swear by using my GHD straighteners to create my curls so I have been eyeing up this curler for a while now! I’ve been watching YouTube videos and reading reviews and the temptation is huge! At the moment all gift sets have £20 off costing only £100 (if only I wasn’t saving for a new car)
    Billion Dollar Brows, Mad About Brows palette

    This palette is £29 on Look Fantastic, I believe it’s a new item on their website but it’s something I just need! You can fill, shape and define your brows all in one go, and I’m all for compactness. 

    Hairapeutix Hair Masks

    I am obsessed with my hair, mostly because I have a weave! I have strict routines to keep my hair lasting as long as possible, because weaves are not cheap! Recently I came across Hairapeutix which is a hair mask that uses natural oils, designed for hair extensions to help prevent dryness and add shine. Available in 2 sizes, Ultra and Mini, their silicone, paraben and chemical-free treatment is perfect for all hair types. The mini pack costs £5.99 for two masks, or the ultra pack costs £18.99 for 8 masks, I’ll be purchasing on payday so I’ll do a little review because my hair is in need of a little pamper!

    Too Faced Sweet Peach eye palette!

    Been hinting for valentines but we’ve planned not to waste money on presents, instead we’re just going to enjoy each other’s company! However I’m actually really disappointed because I’m too skint to buy the palette at the moment and I’m completely in love! 18 shades of peachy pinks! Perfect for creating that everyday look, definitely will be purchasing something soon! Retailing for £39.

    Mystery Blogger Award

    I was nominated for the mystery blogger award by Makeup and Beyond, thank you so much! The award was created by Enigma because she felt there was a lot of blogs out there that haven’t yet been discovered and by creating this award it’s built up a friendly community and link between bloggers! 


    1. Put the award logo/image on your blog
    2. List the rules.
    3. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
    4. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well
    5. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
    6. You have to nominate 10 – 20 people
    7. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog
    8. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify)
    9. Share a link to your best post(s)

    Three things about myself 

    1. I love coca-cola.
    2. I have a one year old daughter.
    3. I have a huge fear of spiders!

    Five questions from my nominee

    What is your favourite food?

    Pizza, I can’t even tell you why! But every time I eat I pretty much order pizza! Usually pepperoni and roqitto chillies!

    What’s your biggest achievement?

    I’d probably say graduating from uni, literally everything tried to knock me back but with a little determination and the arrival of by baby girl I forced my way through it!

    Do you have an unusual nickname?

    I wouldn’t say unusual but my mum and dad used to call me loulou, my names Hayley I had no idea where they got this from?? But apparantly it’s because I never stopped singing and there was famous woman I sounded like called loulou?

    If you were soup…what kind of soul would you be?

    Love this question, okay I’d be the left over turkey and veg from Christmas Day soup, because of the warm fuzzy feeling you get from it even though it’s no longer Christmas Day! 

    If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

    I’ve always wanted to live in LA, just because of the extravagant lifestyle some of those women live, the shopping looks amazing, the food looks amazing and jobs  in my field pay better there too! 

    Questions for my Nominee’s

    1. How old are you?
    2. Why did you start your blog?
    3. Who do you trust the most?
    4. If you was a packet of crisp, what would you be/what flavour would you be?
    5. Whats your favourite film?

    My favourite post 

    I’d probably sat my 5 beauty favourites at the moment, which was actually my first post!

    My Nominations



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    Thanks again to Jackie! Please check out her page and show her some love!!!